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Prerequisites: Must have a driver’s license and be physically capable of being in a low speed car crash (for ramming exercise). No experience with manual transmission required

Our 5- Day Tactical Driving School allows you to experience the training that elite military forces and security groups have been coming to Team O’Neil for over 25 years for. The training uses our crawl, walk, run curriculum design of our standard 5 -Day Rally School but focuses on driving any standard vehicle on any dirt road in the world.

We also will have you experience High Center of Gravity vehicles in low speed off road scenarios.

In the later part of your week, after a day of training you will return to Dalton at dusk for a night driving session. Starting with performance driving using standard white light of headlights and ending driving under the cover of darkness using our military grade PVS- 31 night vision goggles.

On the 5th day you will experience our “offensive” training: vehicle ramming, road block breaches, J-Turns, and PIT maneuvers. Ending the training with a culmination event using multiple vehicle types across our lengthy road sections, you will get to put everything you learned to the test.

The Tactical Driving School is the most advanced and exhilarating course of its kind and can be adapted for serious applications or simply to enjoy as one of the most exclusive automotive adventures in the world.

Included in the course cost: rally prepared cars and trucks, ramming vehicles, use of night vision binoculars/mount/helmet, personal safety equipment, personalized course handbook, full coverage damage insurance on the vehicles, lunch/drinks/snacks, and certificate of course completion.

Not included: Damage coverage for PVS-31 night vision goggles. (Course includes how to properly and safely use these goggles). Students may elect to skip the Night Vision training if not comfortable with the liability.

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