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All courses for Winter 2021-22 are now full.

We are going to launch our online winter driving program in the fall of 2022. We look forward to delivering you our world class training from the comfort of your home and giving you more tools to keep yourself and your family on the roads in the worst driving conditions. Invest in your skills with our online course this fall.

Team O’Neil was founded by teaching people how to control their cars in winter and slippery conditions. It has been an internal motto to save the world one driver at a time. We do this by breaking down complex driving maneuvers into easy-to-understand pieces of information which we use to build drivers into safe, confident motorists. When we all start driving our goal is to reach our destination in a timely manner without crashing or breaking down. All of Team O’Neil’s courses are designed to give you more tools in your driving toolbox that will help you achieve that goal.

We are passionate about delivering the best driving courses in the world and hope you consider investing in developing your driving skills.

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