What to Expect and What to Bring

Preparing For Your
Visit to Team O’Neil

We’re excited you’re planning a visit to Team O’Neil, home of the largest purpose-built car control training facility in the world.  We realize there’s a good chance you haven’t been to rally school before and want to know what to expect and how to plan!

Team O'Neil Rally School

What’s Included

When you come to take a course at Team O’Neil, we include most of what you’ll need to enjoy your experience.

-A selection of fully-prepped FWD, AWD and RWD rally cars (not all classes use all types of cars)

-All safety equipment including helmets, competition-grade seat belts, and prepped vehicles

-A personalized course handbook

-Damage coverage on our vehicles if you have any type of incident or accident

-Lunch, drinks and snacks for each day of your visit

-Upon course completion, rally course students receive a Team O’Neil Rally School t-shirt, hat and certificate

What You Need to Provide

There are a few things you will need to plan, and bring to ensure you have an incredible experience at Team O’Neil.

-Clothing: We do not require fireproof clothing for our students. We recommend comfortable clothing such as jeans, and shoes that will work well for driving and feeling the pedals. Remember we are on dirt surfaces, wear shoes that you know will get dirty or muddy. Wear multiple layers, temperatures in northern New Hampshire change through the day, you can always leave extra clothes in our cabins and classrooms.

-Lodging: Team O’Neil does not provide lodging for students.  We work with several local properties that we recommend. Click here to learn more!

-Food: While we do provide lunch, you are responsible for your own breakfast and dinners.  We recommend several local eateries. Click here to learn more!

-Transportation: You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the school. We do offer to meet students on the first day at the Littleton, NH Hampton Inn to lead them to the facility. If you choose to drive yourself please plan ahead, do not simply trust your GPS!  For an area map click here.

-The Mt. Washington Regional Airport is located in close proximity to the rally school, the airport is open year-round to small and mid-sized planes. Ground transportation is available if planned in advance. Click here to learn more.

Other Advice

There are a few other things we recommend that should help you enjoy your visit to the fullest degree.

-While we do provide lunch and snacks, we encourage you to eat a good breakfast before coming out to Team O’Neil. Students are regularly surprised by the amount of energy they exert during their visit to the school.

-Check the forecast, we enjoy four very distinct seasons in Northern New Hampshire and the weather can vary from day to day

-We recommend staying hydrated. Don’t let having too much fun in the evening ruin your experience behind the wheel.

-Team O’Neil does not require any previous driving experience but we do expect you arrive with an open mind and ready to learn. Anyone not open to coaching from our instructors is a safety risk to yourself, our employees, and the other customers. You may be asked to leave if deemed unsafe, and given a refund of any remaining training time.

-You’ll also find answers to several other questions on our FAQ Page.