Finding the right driving school is a challenging path to navigate. Pavement or Dirt, Open Wheel/Closed Wheel, AWD/FWD/RWD, oval/road course/rally…..the choices are numerous. Well-established driving schools all deliver a solid experience! We have great respect for other driving schools such as Skip Barber, Bob Bondurant, Dirtfish, Rally Ready, The Firm, Ron Fellows, etc. That said, like any educational or recreational facility, each will excel in certain aspects.  At Team O’Neil we pride ourselves on our focus as a training-based experience (that’s also a ton of fun).

We feel several components differentiate us from other advanced driving schools:

Full-Time, Year-Round Instructor Team – You’re only as good as the person teaching you. Our instructors are in the car, next to you at all times.  They are year-round, full-time employees…this is their career and what they do on a daily basis. After a short-time at our school, we’re confident you’ll see the difference.

Authentic: 20+ Years Experience – With time comes knowledge. Team O’Neil Rally School was developed in 1997 due to the fact that there was not a professional, loose surface driving school in North America. Since that time we have developed and refined what we consider to be the leading advanced driving school in North America. This experience is reflected in our training curriculum, but also in managing the infrastructure of our facility and providing consistent tools for you to learn. Others try to duplicate our program, but we believe you’ll recognize the difference.

Cars – With over 70 vehicles at your disposal, our 5-day course covers all drivetrains FWD, AWD, and RWD. We believe the orchestrated use of various drivetrains gives you another level of understanding of vehicle dynamics.

Purpose-Built Facility – Built by a rally champion, we are the largest, purpose-built, public driver training facility in the world. The location and design of our 600 acres and 6 miles of roads was executed with one goal in mind; training. Our roads offer every kind of turn including off-camber, on-camber, decreasing/increasing radius, hairpins, tightly linked turns, ascending, descending and more.

Elevation Change – Many facilities lack significant elevation change. Whether it be rally/road-racing, or real-world driving you will encounter elevation changes. How you approach this terrain and the dynamics of your vehicle are much different than flat corners.

Learn Car Control Scenarios Other Schools Teach You To Avoid – We teach you what to do when you exceed the levels of grip that are available. Regardless if this is accidental or intentional, you will become more comfortable with a “loose” car.

All Seasons/Surfaces – We operate year-round in a region with four distinct seasons. You can tackle, dirt, snow and mud depending on your preference.

Full Coverage Insurance – Damage coverage is included in the cost of your course, the price you see when registering is your total cost.

Drive Time Value – The amount of drive time/training you receive for our rates is a value you will not beat.

As you research where you will choose to spend your well-earned vacation time please email or call us with any questions (603)-444-4488!

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