For over 20 years Team O’Neil has been proud to train government clients to safely and effectively maneuver through slippery and/or loose surface conditions. These skills allow operators to more confidently navigate all types of roads and conditions.

Rally driving techniques are intended for unpredictable surfaces, narrow, unknown roads and sudden, unpredictable surprises. Rally racing is not only about going fast but also preserving your vehicle. With decades of championship results we are the world’s best at training people how to get from A to B as quickly as possible without suffering mechanical failures or crashing.

Our Loose Surface Mobility courses span five days and allow students to master front-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive vehicles. We utilize a fleet of Jeep Cherokees to incorporate high-center-of-gravity training. We also utilize our network of off-road trails to work on maneuvering challenging terrain and master winching and recovery techniques. Students also learn simple mechanical techniques including vehicle empathy.


  • 2 to 1 student to instructor ratio for all driving portions
  • Mechanics 101/102 classes included to teach students vehicle empathy
  • Night training under white light and NVG (customer provides)
  • +500 acres facility with more than 6 miles of loose surface roads and 2 miles of off-road trails
  • +500 feet of elevation change
  • 200 x 300 foot skid pad and over 50 combinations of corners, crests, junctions
  • Snow and Ice training during winter months
  • Climate controlled classroom with full A/V capability
  • Two vehicles maintenance facilities on site
  • GSA Pricing, HUB Zone disadvantaged veteran owned small business


  • Manual Transmission FWD, AWD, RWD vehicles
  • Manual and Automatic HCG
  • Rear seats in all the training vehicles
  • Custom installed roll bars for added protection
  • 4 point safety harnesses with every seat
  • 57 vehicles prepared and operational to ensure no down time during training
  • Trained and certified full time mechanics
  • Visual vehicle inspection every 4 hours, Full inspection every 12 hours of use

Off Road Driving

  • High angle ascent/descents/traverse
  • Side tilt and slopes
  • Off-Camber
  • Ditches and Logs
  • Terrain reading
  • Winching and recovery
  • Hill climb and failed hill climb

Additional Info

  • All courses can be tailored to specific training requirements
  • Resumes for all key personnel are available on request
  • Asphalt and tarmac training available off site
  • Tactical scenarios available in after hours

Loose Surface Vehicle Mobility Cars


  • Used in our security and loose surface mobility courses for high center of gravity training
  • Driver training includes high-speed driving on loose surface roads and technical maneuvers on our network of off-road trails
  • Also used for vehicle recovery training, winching, and vehicle sympathy
  • Improvements include: Two inch lift, Koni Adjustable Heavy Track Dampers, poly bushings, Rusty's adjustable control arms, track bar, transmission cross member, 31" tires, Hawk brake pads, 6061 Aluminum skid plate, Rally Armor flaps, Optima battery, roll cage and other safety equipment.


  • Front Wheel Drive platform of choice to introduce students to car control, left foot braking, weight transfer and rally driving
  • Used on course days 1-5
  • Improvements include: Hawk PC front pads, Koni adjustable sport dampers, Shroth safety belts, 6061 Aluminum skid plate, Method Wheels, winter tires, Optima battery, Quaife ATB Limited Slip Diff, Rally Armor flaps, Wilwood Proportioning Valve, 5/8 Master Cylinder with assist delete, roll cages and ABS/DSC disabled.


  • Subaru Imprezas are your introduction to All-Wheel-Drive at Team O’Neil
  • Used on Days 2-5
  • Improvements include: Hawk brake pads, Koni adjustable sport dampers, winter tires, 6061 Aluminum skid plate, Rally Armor flaps, Optima battery, roll cage and other safety equipment.

BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series
  • BMW 3 Series cars are powerful rear-wheel-drive vehicles ideal for learning RWD techniques
  • Used on days 3-5
  • Improvements include: Limited slip differential, Koni adjustable sport dampers, 6061 Aluminum skid plate, Rally Armor flaps, winter tires, Optima battery, roll cage and other safety equipment.

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