For over 25 years Team O’Neil has proudly trained government clients to safely and effectively maneuver through slippery and/or loose surface driving conditions.  These skills allow operators to more confidently navigate all types of roads and conditions they may encounter in their duties.

Our purpose-built 583 acre facility in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire was designed to simulate real-world scenarios that you may encounter in the field.  Our training offerings include:

  • two dedicated training areas
  • six miles of roads with vast elevation changes and a variety of road types
  • vast network of off-road trails
  • firearms training professionals offering training on shooting range facilities
  • initial training with front-wheel-drive vehicles, moving onto all-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive, and high-center of gravity vehicles
  • off-road driving including winching + recovery and vehicle sympathy
  • offensive driver training options including PIT maneuvers, ramming techniques and scenarios

Thanks to over twenty-five years of training and feedback, we know the hidden dangers, where they exist and how to most safely avoid them. We also know that the risks can escalate dramatically in a short period of time.

We can accommodate groups from four to twenty individuals and will work with you to customize your curriculum to meet your needs. We do train students on manual transmission operation, if unfamiliar on arrival. We look forward to hearing from you, email or call 603-444-4488 with any questions.

Tactical Mobility Training

Team O’Neil is pleased to offer our DOD clients a comprehensive Tactical Mobility training course.

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For over 25 years Team O’Neil has been proud to train government clients to safely and effectively maneuver through slippery and/or loose surface conditions.

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Off-Road Driving Course

Team O’Neil has been teaching low speed, technical off-road driving for over 25 years.

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