Team O’Neil private training provides the opportunity for a customized curriculum to satisfy a variety of needs:

  • Students who have completed the 5-Day Rally School aiming to further develop, refresh and refine specific skills
  • Drivers looking to master specific techniques for other forms of Motorsports competition such as road racing, baja/desert racing, TSD rallies, dirt oval racing and more.
  • Professionals and families who want an intimate instructional and/or recreational environment
  • Those with limited time who cannot attend a 5-Day Rally School (as a rule we do normally recommend the 5 Day School if time allows)
  • Anyone who may have health concerns and prefers to avoid group environments

We work with you in advance of your visit to ensure your Private Training is tailored specifically to the skills you’re looking to develop. For those new to loose surface driving, this training offers the opportunity to progress more quickly than our standard group setting. As you prove you have mastered specific techniques in a safe manner, our instructors will progress with your training at a pace to match your ability level.

Cost for Private Training is $5,000/day with all expenses included. A second driver can be added for $1,000 additional/day (shared car).

As these are bespoke courses, please contact us to set up your Private Training here at Team O’Neil. (603)-444-4488 or

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