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The Team O’Neil

Come visit Team O’Neil, home of the largest purpose-built car control training facility in the World.  Where others may re-purpose existing sites, our roads and courses have been designed and constructed from the ground up by racing champions to provide the most entertainment, diversity, and best training possible.  With trails and roads now encompassing much of our mountainous 585 acre property, you’ll find everything from beginner terrain to some of the most extreme and challenging roads anywhere.

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The South End

When you come to take a course at Team O’Neil, you’ll most likely start your driving adventures on the south end of our property, where you’ll find our main entrance, our main garage and classroom facilities, our motorsports shop, and our offices.

You’ll learn the basics of car control on our open skidpad and slalom course, before progressing on to some intermediate and advanced road loops as you progress through the course, using the “Full Monte,” The Ridge Road,” Wyatt’s Cut,” “The Brook Road,” and “The Gravel Pit Road.”

The North End

Some courses at Team O’Neil are run on our Northern Course, where you’ll find essentially all of the same terrain as our southern course, but at a higher elevation and northern exposure that experiences different weather and conditions from our southern area.  The northern course freezes sooner in the fall, gets more snow through the winter, and stays frozen longer in the spring.

Featuring it’s own entrance, classroom facilities, and a full compliment of beginner, intermediate, and advanced terrain, our northern course also allows us to run two completely separate courses simultaneously or split large groups into two smaller classes, allowing for smaller class sizes, more personalized instruction, and more seat time for you.

Off-Road Course

Our expansive network of off-road terrain has been designed to give you the most fun, safe, and educational off-road experience anywhere.  You’ll start your off-road driving adventures in one of our purpose-built off-road playgrounds, which feature all of the obstacles you’ll encounter on the trail such as steep uphills, downhills, ditch and log crossings, articulations, rits, side-tilts, and more.  After learning the basics, you’ll progress on to more of our beginner, intermediate, and advanced trails throughout our property.

All of our off-road terrain has been responsibly constructed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, and provides a safe and fun environment to learn and practice without interfering with any streams, wetlands, or wildlife habitats.  Please off-road responsibly.

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