Currently, we are not currently selling parts nor conducting car builds. Our focus is on advanced training and vehicles utilized for that training.

If you are interested in building or purchasing a rally car for yourself we’re happy to assist with general advice, as well as (depending on your needs) an introduction to Thompson Racing Fabrication for a rally car build. For further vehicle questions or info about our Advanced Training program please contact or call 603-444-4488.

If you’re considering competing in stage rally, Team O’Neil Motorsports has the resources and knowledge to get you in the driver’s seat. Even if you have no racing experience we can walk you through every stage of the process including driver training, car builds/acquisition, event preparation and support at the rally itself.

Tim O’Neil’s firsthand knowledge and experience will aid those just getting started, as well as lightly seasoned drivers working to move up the finish order. Rally racing is based on successfully getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible. The curriculum will have a priority on ensuring students successfully complete rallies and garner the seat time and experience required to continue to improve.

By working privately with O’Neil, students will be able to customize their training experience. Several approaches to training will be available:

1. Those looking to tune their own vehicle can request Vehicle Setup Sessions. This training allows customers to bring their competition-prepped vehicle and work closely with O’Neil to setup the car properly. They can test the vehicle through the day, experiencing the effects of different adjustments as they are made.

2. Advanced Driver Training will be offered to Team O’Neil Rally School 5-Day alumni and select others. This training serves as a final preparation before entering an actual rally. Training is offered using Team O’Neil cars, competition rally-prepped vehicles, or students can bring their own car to gain familiarity with their vehicle. Training takes place on true rally-style roads at the Team O’Neil Rally School facility and includes working with a co-driver. Time will be spent learning to develop proper pace note communication between the driver and co-driver including adjusting Jemba note systems to personal preferences. If the staff feels you can safely participate in a national-level rally, a full arrive and drive package is available for any event in North America.

3. Annually Team O’Neil hosts several rally sprints which are a simplified rally, based out of one location. Those who are approved may rent a vehicle for one of these events and work with O’Neil to learn how an actual rally event works with the knowledge of a seasoned veteran at their disposal throughout the event.

4. Vintage car rallies continue to grow in popularity worldwide, those planning to partake in one of these adventure-based events could focus on the skills needed to successfully complete one of these competitions at a brisk pace.

If you’re considering becoming part of the sport please contact us either by email or call 603-444-4488. Our classifieds page can also be an excellent resource for finding a used rally car!

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