Why Team O’Neil?

Any advanced car control training or performance driving school will be good entertainment and will improve your driving.  It’s not always clear however the real differences from one program to the next, so here’s a handful of quick facts to show you what sets Team O’Neil apart from the rest.

It’s probably the most fun you can have on four wheels.

Ok, so this first one might be a little hard to quantify, but we’re one of the only places in the world that you can slide cars around all day, ever day for a whole week without getting in trouble.  Also they’re not your cars and there’s no financial or time commitment if they break down or you happen to crash.  It’s a pretty good time.

It’s not school, it’s training.

We don’t “teach” you how to drive, we train you how to drive.  Your ability to recall driving theory years down the road is of little importance because in real situations, if you have to think, it’s usually too late.  We train instincts, building the proper heuristics and muscle memory to do the correct thing when it counts, and these skills last a lifetime.

You won’t just drive the most cars, you’ll drive the biggest variety of cars, and do the most things with them.  With over 60 rally prepared cars ready to go at any time and a full spectrum of FWD, AWD, RWD, and SUVs, we’ve got something for everybody.

As you progress through your driving course at Team O’Neil, you’ll be driving on ever-changing and expanding courses on our 585 acre property.  With many miles or roads to choose from, hundreds of feet of elevation change, and courses designed and built from the ground up by actual racing champions, our courses are unlike anything else in the world.

With a curriculum developed over the last twenty years and the most experienced instructors in the industry, our courses are all about presenting you with the best possible information, in the best possible way, to make sure that you get best possible experience while here at Team O’Neil.

At Team O’Neil, you’ll have many choices beyond what you’ll find at any other performance driving or car control course.  Want to build a course that incorporates rally driving, stunt driving techniques, off-roading, firearms training, navigation, and roadside repairs?  Get in touch anytime, we’ll set it up for you.

This is where the best come to train.

It’s no secret that we’ve trained as many racing champions as we have, as well as extreme sports stars like Travis Pastrana, Ken Block, Bucky Lasek, Brian Deegan, and many more.  What you may not know is that we’ve also been training America’s most elite units for over ten years, and that our list of alumni spans the globe both in the spotlight and in the shadows.

The White Mountains of New Hampshire are a premiere vacation destination in their own right, and our local town of Littleton has been named one of America’s top 10 best small towns by Outside Magazine.  There’s something here for everyone, especially if you enjoy the outdoors.

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