There are a few other things we recommend that will help you enjoy your visit to the fullest degree.

  • While we do provide lunch and snacks, we encourage you to eat a good breakfast before coming out to Team O’Neil. Students are regularly surprised by the amount of energy they exert during their visit to the school.
  • Check the forecast, we enjoy four very distinct seasons in Northern New Hampshire and the weather can vary from day to day. We have a secure classroom and cabins on each training area, so you can easily shed layers etc.
  • We recommend staying hydrated. Don’t let having too much fun in the evening ruin your experience behind the wheel.
  • Team O’Neil does not require any previous driving experience but we do expect you arrive with an open mind and ready to learn. Anyone not open to coaching from our instructors is a safety risk to yourself, our employees, and the other customers. You may be asked to leave if deemed unsafe, and given a refund of any remaining training time.

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