Private Training

Our private training allows us to customize your training to work on your biggest needs. We will work with you to focus on skills and techniques that you wish to improve upon.

Co-Driver School
Our Co-Driver school will help you learn about being a co-driver which will help maximize your working relationship with your co-driver. You will learn about time cards, route books, time controls, how to use a Monit rally computer, setting up a street car for recce, introduction to writing your own stage notes. Ultimately you will run actual simulated rally stages with a Team O’Neil instructor driving and you reading the notes. If you already have a co-driver you work with, it’s best to attend the course together.

Tarmac Rally School
Many rallies feature tarmac stages. Our Tarmac Rally School spends two days at our road course facility working on pavement specific techniques such as heel/toe downshifting and trail braking that will help you safely (and quickly) tackle tarmac stages. The course culminates with simulated rally stages to work on setting faster times.

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