Other Advice

There are a few other things we recommend that will help you enjoy your visit to the fullest degree. While we do provide lunch and snacks, we encourage you to eat a good breakfast before coming out to Team O’Neil. Students are regularly surprised by the amount of energy they exert during their visit to … Continued

What You Need to Provide

There are a few things you will need to plan, and bring to ensure you have an incredible experience at Team O’Neil. Clothing: We do not require fireproof clothing for our students. We recommend comfortable clothing such as jeans, and shoes that will work well for driving and feeling the pedals (not large boots). Remember … Continued

What’s Included

When you come to take a course at Team O’Neil, we include most of what you’ll need to enjoy your experience. A selection of fully-prepped FWD, AWD and RWD rally cars (not all classes use all types of cars), includes gas, tires and any other requirements. All safety equipment including helmets, competition-grade seat belts, and … Continued

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