Stage 4 – Stage Rally

After successfully completing your Rally Sprint you are now ready to enter a multi-day, full stage rally. If you’re ready to make this move we would sit down and find an event that meets your desires and budget. Team O’Neil can supply everything you need to go compete in a national level rally. This includes … Continued

Additional Training Options

Private Training Our private training allows us to customize your training to work on your biggest needs. We will work with you to focus on skills and techniques that you wish to improve upon. Co-Driver SchoolOur Co-Driver school will help you learn about being a co-driver which will help maximize your working relationship with your … Continued

Stage 3 – Rally Sprint

Rally Sprints (locally referred to as Gravel Trials) are the best place to learn how stage rallies are run. You will be competing against other drivers and teams. We supply the vehicle, co-driver, service crew and Team Manager to help coach you through the event. The event mirrors a stage rally with timed stages, transits on … Continued

Stage 2 – Advanced Rally Training

Once you have completed the 5 day school we will know more about your specific strengths and your largest areas for growth. We will build a customized training program to best prepare you for your first rally. This will include seat time in a fully prepared rally car and one-on-one instruction. You will work on increasing speeds, … Continued

Stage 1 – 5-Day Rally School

Our 5-Day Rally School is the most in-depth car control car class in North America. The course will get you comfortable with rally driving techniques in a variety of conditions and drivetrains. These skills are the foundation for what is the most important challenge “getting from point A to point B successfully”. You will learn … Continued

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