Other Advice

There are a few other things we recommend that will help you enjoy your visit to the fullest degree. While we do provide lunch and snacks, we encourage you to eat a good breakfast before coming out to Team O’Neil. Students are regularly surprised by the amount of energy they exert during their visit to … Continued

What You Need to Provide

There are a few things you will need to plan, and bring to ensure you have an incredible experience at Team O’Neil. Clothing: We do not require fireproof clothing for our students. We recommend comfortable clothing such as jeans, and shoes that will work well for driving and feeling the pedals (not large boots). Remember … Continued

What’s Included

When you come to take a course at Team O’Neil, we include most of what you’ll need to enjoy your experience. A selection of fully-prepped FWD, AWD and RWD rally cars (not all classes use all types of cars), includes gas, tires and any other requirements. All safety equipment including helmets, competition-grade seat belts, and … Continued

How do I book a course?

The easiest way to book a course is right here on our website, but if there are any issues or questions not answered here, please call us during business hours (603-444-4488) 8:30-5:00pm EST or send us an email any time (info@teamoneil.com). The online calendar shows available course dates. Courses are a progressive curriculum so you can … Continued

Why is the Rally School located in northern New Hampshire?

Team O’Neil is located in the beautiful White Mountains, just outside the quaint New England town of Littleton NH.  Littleton is quickly becoming famous for its Main St. community of restaurants, shops, lodging and more. Our location allowed us to build and operate the rally school in a challenging mountainous environment best suited to the … Continued

What should I expect when I sign up?

After signing up for a course, you’ll receive an email detailing when and where to meet, what airports and hotels are most convenient, what local restaurants are best, what gear to bring, etc.  Most of this information can also be found in the “About” tab on our website as well.  Lunch will be provided on-site … Continued

What cars will I get to drive?

Our rally courses start everyone out in front wheel drive Ford Fiestas for the first day to best learn the fundamentals of car control and left foot braking. Students in the 2 Day Course and longer will drive all wheel drive cars (Subaru Impreza), on Day 3 or 4 we add rear wheel drive cars (BMW … Continued

What is rally?

Rally is the sport of driving road-legal, production-based vehicles as quickly as possible on closed sections of public and/or private roads. Competition vehicles then drive between stages on open, public roads to get to the next competition stage. These races are held across the world, on all surfaces, and often total distances over 300 miles.

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