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Private Training

Team Oneil Rally School Private Training

Team O’Neil is happy to offer personal one-on-one instruction targeted to your specific skills, needs, and experience. From training clients for professional road racing, the Baja 1000, or the East African Safari Rally, we’ve done it all here at the Rally School and we are always capable of setting up private courses of instruction for individuals or groups. Course costs are variable, contact us any time for more information.

Prices will vary depending on needs of the customer

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Emergency Services Training                                                                                Learn More

From what we know this is the first Rally Racing specific safety course designed to give the first responders and industry insiders a real understanding of the unique scenarios that arise during rally racing. This course is designed to cover BLS (basic life support) experience and give the participants a hands on feel for the challenging situations that Rally Cars, Racers, and Fans find themselves in.

Inside the sport of Rally Racing there are drivers who have crashed and drivers who will crash. The reality is if you are in the sport long enough you are bound to make a mistake. Team O’Neil has been training people for 20 years to give racers and motorists alike a toolbox of skills they can use in their motoring careers. LEARN MORE

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Train, Build, Race Packages Learn More

Team O’Neil is your one stop shop for Driver and Co-Driver Training, Race Car Building and Training, Testing and Practice, and Motorsports Support.

We’re happy to offer bespoke packages to give you everything necessary to start a highly successful motorsports career, contact us anytime to discuss building a package that will meet your specific needs.

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Personal Security Course Learn More

As Americans traveling overseas, we face threats, more numerous and complex than ever before. Team O’Neil and Sig Sauer have spent decades training elite government, commercial, and foreign-based clients how to protect themselves, and their interests, from these threats, significantly reducing their risk-profile and threat from harm.

No matter where you are traveling, our team of veteran Special Operations and Intelligence Professionals will tailor specific scenarios to emulate that specific region of the world. We also provide a detailed country threat assessment specific to the part of the world you are traveling. Contact us for more details and to set up your Private Security Course.

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