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Team O’Neil SCCA RallySprint 2

September 12, 2015

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Team O’Neil SCCA RallySprint 2
Saturday September 12, 2015

Welcome to the Team O’Neil SCCA RallySprint. The SCCA recognized that currently there is a large gap in competition opportunities between RallyCross and stage rally. To fill that gap, the SCCA has embarked on a pilot program called RallySprint. RallySprint will provide intermediate steps between RallyCross and stage rally. The incremental steps provide competition opportunities with increased challenge and speed. The safety requirements and financial investments in equipment increase incrementally as well. Safety for competitors and teams, volunteers and spectators is of the utmost importance.

New England Region SCCA has taken on the challenge of organizing a second pilot SCCA RallySprint based on the success of the first one held in May. Many of the organizing team and army of volunteers are NER members. Our goal is to provide “affordable seat time” in a safe environment to practice and learn advanced rally-type skills.

These events also help the rally community by serving as training sessions for workers. Many volunteers are needed in the roles of control workers, scoring, radio communications, spectator marshals, course marshals. These events give new workers a chance to learn, and also gives experienced workers a chance to learn new positions.
As a pilot event, many of the procedures and rules have been created with safety and procedural soundness in mind. After the event, all aspects of the operation will be reviewed and changes will be made or suggested for future events. Constructive comments and criticism will be appreciated to improve the quality of future events.

Scott Beliveau

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