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Looking for the best security or tactical driving course on the planet?  Consider a course at the Team O’Neil Rally School, where you’ll be slipping and sliding a full variety of cars and trucks around our purpose-built 580 acre facility in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire.  We also are partners with Sig Sauer offering full shooting range facilities, off-road driving, winching + recovery, and would be happy to construct a course of instruction to fit your group’s specific needs.

As former members of United States Government agencies tasked with detecting and minimizing the threats Americans face globally, we know the hidden dangers and where they exist. We also know that the risks can escalate dramatically in a short period of time. Sometimes within hours!

We can accommodate groups of up to twenty.  We look forward to hearing from you any time, email or call 603-444-4488 with any questions or to set up your next adventure.

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