OHRV Training Course
$499 per person

Please call to schedule:


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The course is designed to take any skill level rider and give you more confidence with your machine and riding on the trails. During the course of the day you will get hands on training in:

  • Driving over obstacles
  • How to properly use Left Foot Braking
  • Hills and side tilt angles
  • 2WD v. 4WD handling characteristics.
  • Differential lock understanding and how to use it
  • Safe Trail Riding
  • Vehicle clearance: approach angle, break over angle, and departure angle of obstacles.
  • Weight transfer resulting from input (braking, acceleration, steering, cargo and terrain).

We spend some time in the classroom but the majority of the time is spent on course. See below for more details.

Note: Reservations are based off # of drivers. The course has been designed for 2 drivers per UTV. If you come as a single you can purchase 2 courses and have no down time in driving. 

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