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Tim O’Neil hands over the keys to the AMC AMX for a special appearance
LSPR – Marquette, Michigan – October 13-14, 2023

Dalton, NH September 6, 2023: While attending WRC Rally Finland earlier this year, Team O’Neil Founder Tim O’Neil and CEO Chris Cyr reconciled with a driver that Tim had competed against at the WRC 1000 Lakes Rally in Finland in 1990, Saku Vierimaa. As the two caught up, it led to a conversation about the upcoming Lake Superior Performance Rally in Marquette MI. Ultimately, it was decided that Tim would allow his old friend to compete at LSPR this year in Tim’s AMC.

“If you want to win, hire a Finn”: Saku Vierimaa has been a regular on the Finnish forest roads since 1978, competing mainly in the WRC, Estonian, and Finnish Rally Championships, altogether in more than 20 countries. This will not be Saku’s first trip to rally in the states, having placed second overall at the 1991 Susquehannock Trail Pro Rally. Codriving will be Mika Rajasalo, who has competed with Saku since 2011, mostly in the rallies in Finland and Baltic countries.

The Car: A familiar sight at LSPR for the last couple of years, Saku and Mika will be competing in Tim O’Neil’s 1969 AMC AMX. A car that Tim has admired for over 40 years, this unorthodox 2WD monster is a fan favorite, and a delight to watch on stage.

The Team: Tim and Chris are not going to let Saku and Mika have all of the fun… Team O’Neil will be bringing three cars total to LSPR this year. Tim will be competing in his Volkswagen Golf Rallye that he competed in back in the early 90s, and Chris in his Ford Fiesta ST.

 Finnish Fuel: In collaboration with the fastest growing spirit brand in the world, The Finnish Long Drink, Team O’Neil is excited to bring some extra competition to the 2WD category at LSPR this year and would like to invite all other 2WD competitors to test their skills against one of the most experienced Finnish drivers at the oldest, meanest, toughest rally on the circuit!

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