Skill 1 2 3 4 5
Proper seating, hand placement, and cabin controls x x x x x
Manual transmission training or refresher if necessary x x x x x
Left foot braking x x x x x
How to induce and correct for the five types of skids x x x x x
Weight transfer x x x x x
Lines and apexes x x x x x
Threshold braking x x x x x
Braking in turns x x x x x
Eye placement and reading the terrain x x x x x
Accident avoidance x x x x x
Perfecting throttle and left foot braking inputs x x x x
Fast, medium, and slow speed corners x x x x
Driving at speed in diverse conditions x x x x
Dynamic side-to-side as well as front-to-rear weight transfer x x x x
Pendulum turns (Scandinavian Flick) x x x x
Front wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles x x x x
Uphill and downhill corners x x x x
Blind corners x x x x
Decreasing and increasing radius corners x x x x
Higher speed corner entry x x x
Perfecting pendulum turns in both directions x x x
Introduction to trail braking x x x
Introduction to handbrake turns x x x
Mastering front and all wheel drive techniques x x x
Longer runs connecting the open slalom course to more facility roads x x x
When, where, and why to use each technique x x x
Intuitive anticipation, compensation, and timing x x x
Introduction to rear wheel drive vehicles x x
Mastering all vehicle types (FWD, AWD, RWD, HCG) x x
Wide variety of corners on increasingly longer road loops x x
Crests and jumps before, in, and after corners x x
Optional familiarization with modern safety systems (ABS, TRAC, DSC) x x
Final portion of American Rally Association licensing x x
Time-trial laps of a variety of different competition circuits x
Higher horsepower and turbocharged cars x
More personalized, tailored instruction x
Optional rally navigation integration x
Advanced obstacle avoidance scenarios x
Unloading suspension over rough terrain x

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