Compare Different Days of Our Rally School - Team O'Neil Rally School
Proper seating, hand placement, and cabin controlsxxxxx
Manual transmission training or refresher if necessaryxxxxx
Left foot brakingxxxxx
How to induce and correct for the five types of skidsxxxxx
Weight transferxxxxx
Lines and apexesxxxxx
Threshold brakingxxxxx
Braking in turnsxxxxx
Eye placement and reading the terrainxxxxx
Accident avoidancexxxxx
Perfecting throttle and left foot braking inputsxxxx
Fast, medium, and slow speed cornersxxxx
Driving at speed in diverse conditionsxxxx
Dynamic side-to-side as well as front-to-rear weight transferxxxx
Pendulum turns (Scandinavian Flick)xxxx
Front wheel drive and all wheel drive vehiclesxxxx
Uphill and downhill cornersxxxx
Blind cornersxxxx
Decreasing and increasing radius cornersxxxx
Higher speed corner entryxxx
Perfecting pendulum turns in both directionsxxx
Introduction to trail brakingxxx
Introduction to handbrake turnsxxx
Mastering front and all wheel drive techniquesxxx
Longer runs connecting the open slalom course to more facility roadsxxx
When, where, and why to use each techniquexxx
Intuitive anticipation, compensation, and timingxxx
Introduction to rear wheel drive vehiclesxx
Mastering all vehicle types (FWD, AWD, RWD, HCG)xx
Wide variety of corners on increasingly longer road loopsxx
Crests and jumps before, in, and after cornersxx
Optional familiarization with modern safety systems (ABS, TRAC, DSC)xx
Final portion of American Rally Association licensingxx
Time-trial laps of a variety of different competition circuitsx
Higher horsepower and turbocharged carsx
More personalized, tailored instructionx
Optional rally navigation integrationx
Advanced obstacle avoidance scenariosx
Unloading suspension over rough terrainx

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