Team O’Neil
Rally Experience
$5,350/Per Person

Our 4-Day Rally School is an advanced driving course for anyone looking to have a great time and improve their car control, rally racing, or drifting skills. What separates Day 4 from previous days here at the rally school is simply that you’ll be getting a serious amount of road time, perfecting the five types of braking, learning to read the terrain and ever-changing conditions, and testing your own limits on miles of mountainous rally roads. No other school in the country has elevation change even close to what you’ll experience here, as you’re swinging the car through the hills and valleys of our private 560 acre facility. On the fourth day, you will be working on more advanced techniques such as:

  • Mastering all vehicle types (FWD, AWD, RWD, HCG).

  • Wide variety of corners on increasingly longer road loops.

  • Crests and jumps before, in, and after corners.

  • Optional familiarization with modern safety systems (ABS, TRAC, DSC).

  • Final portion of Rally America Licensing School.  The 4-Day Rally Course includes the official Rally America Licensing School, which is conducted after training on the second, third, and fourth day of your time here. A four day class in conjunction with this licensing school is good for 4 Rally America license coefficients, allowing you to race turbocharged and AWD cars in Rally America events much sooner than otherwise possible.

With Pricing set at $5,350 you’ll get the experience of a lifetime, and one that will change your driving forever.

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