Team O’Neil
Rally Experience
$4,100/Per Person

As you progress through our courses, each day builds directly on the last. On the third day, you’ll drive your choice of front wheel drive, all wheel drive, and rear wheel drive cars as you tackle a series of new exercises and challenges through the day. A few of the topics covered on the third day include:

  • Higher speed corner entry.

  • Perfecting pendulum turns in both directions.

  • Introduction to trail braking.

  • Introduction to handbrake turns.

  • Mastering front and all wheel drive techniques.

  • Introduction to rear wheel drive techniques.

  • When, where, and why to use each technique.

  • Intuitive anticipation, compensation, and timing.

  • Longer runs connecting the open slalom course to more facility roads.

If you’re looking for a truly enjoyable and action-packed driving experience, sign up for a three day course here at Team O’Neil. You’ll typically be able to add-on the fourth and fifth day while you’re here if you choose to stay longer, or if you choose to come back to continue your training at a later date, you’ll receive a free day when you return.

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