Team O’Neil
Rally Experience
$2,800/Per Person

If one day behind the wheel just isn’t enough, our 2-Day Rally School might be perfect for you. Starting with our standard 1-Day School, you’ll arrive again here at the Rally School at 9am for the second day of fun and training. Each day of school builds directly on the last, and the second day of Rally School will see you experimenting with more advanced maneuvers and techniques such as:

  • Perfecting throttle and left foot braking inputs.

  • Fast, medium, and slow speed corners.

  • Driving at speed in diverse conditions.

  • Dynamic side-to-side as well as front-to-rear weight transfer.

  • Pendulum turns (Scandinavian Flick).

  • Front wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles.

  • Transition from our traffic cone rallycross-style course to real roads.

  • Uphill and downhill corners.

  • Blind corners.

  •  Decreasing and increasing radius corners.

With the addition of more vehicles, more techniques, and more roads on the second day, the smiles-per-mile ratio is off the charts, and of course you’ll learn critical skills that will be there with you when you need them in the real world.

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