Team O’Neil
Rally Course
$1400/Per Person

Looking for the most fun advanced driving course anywhere? Spend a day with us and you’ll learn the basics of car control, controlling wheel spin and lockup, managing understeer and oversteer, become proficient at left foot braking, practice threshold braking, and end the day with a ride in a rally car with one of our expert instructors at the wheel.

You may never get into rally racing, but driving a rally car will give you the confidence you need to drive at the limit in any race car, and will prepare you for drifting, rallycross, track days, winter driving, stunt driving, or anything else you may do behind the wheel of a car.

Our 1-Day Rally School is also the perfect activity for a group event, team building, a bachelor party, or any other special event you may be planning. We do offer group discounts and other activities here and in the Littleton NH area, please get in touch and we’ll build the perfect package for you.  Some of the skills you’ll develop include:

  • Proper seating, hand placement, and cabin controls.

  • Manual transmission training or refresher if necessary.

  • Left foot braking.

  • How to induce and correct for the five types of skids.

  • Weight transfer.

  • Lines and apexes.

  • Threshold braking.

  • Braking in turns.

  • Eye placement and reading the terrain.

  • Accident avoidance.

Should you choose to extend your course through the second day or beyond while you are here, we can often accommodate you, or should you chose to continue your training here with a multi-day course with us at a later date, you will receive a discount as a past student.

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