Team O’Neil
Winter Driving Course
$499/per person

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Never confuse confidence with competence. Our Winter Driving School has been developed with over 20 years of experience in skid control education. This course will give you the skills and proper instincts necessary to deal with changing road conditions and harsh winter driving.

After a short classroom session, you’ll be driving your own vehicle on our safe and open skidpad and slalom areas through a variety of exercises.  You’ll learn how your particular vehicle handles and reacts on snow and ice, as well as how the safety systems installed in your vehicle (ABS, Trac, DSC, etc) function for and against you in different situations.

You’ll also be performing Accident Avoidance maneuvers, a vital and potentially life-saving part of any driver education (and one that works as well in the summer as the winter). The day will wrap up with a drive around a series of open roads here at our facility. Students be going up and down hills and around corners, practicing the skills and reactions that you learned on the skidpad and slalom courses.

The cost of the Winter Driving School is $499, with discounts for military/locals. The class runs from approximately 9am-4pm, students do need to bring their own lunch. Students should be aware other students may ride in their car, and you will need to remove all loose items prior to the course.

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