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Two-Day Ford Focus RS School

From: $2,400.00

Why come to Team O'Neil?


After months of development of the Ford Focus RS, we have the opportunity to add a fun, course for May 6-7.

It’s no secret Tim O’Neil and our staff has quickly fallen in love with the new Ford Focus RS! This is your chance to get behind the wheel of this special car in a very unique environment. Tim O’Neil will introduce the Focus RS and educate students on our ongoing experiences with developing the car for loose surface performance.

The two-day course will be offered on May 6-7. The curriculum will be progressive, including much of our standard rally school offering with an eye on getting drivers ready to take the wheel of a Ford Focus RS on our skid pad later each day. Students will begin in FWD Ford Fiestas to learn beginning skills and progress into AWD vehicles.

Some skills covered will include:

  • Manual transmission training or refresher if necessary.

  • Left foot braking.

  • How to induce and correct for the five types of skids.

  • Weight transfer.

  • Lines and apexes.

  • Threshold braking.

  • Braking in turns.

  • Trail braking.

  • Eye placement and reading the terrain.

  • Fast, medium, and slow speed corners.

  • Driving at speed in diverse conditions.

  • Dynamic side-to-side as well as front-to-rear weight transfer.

  • Pendulum turns (Scandinavian Flick).

  • Front wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles.

  • Decreasing and increasing radius corners.

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