PIT maneuvers and security driver training
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2-Day Cars and Guns

From: $1,800.00

Why come to Team O'Neil?


Learn a variety of specialized car control skills and firearms training

Over two days, our instructors will teach you a variety of skills that will help you live out your dream of being a real-life James Bond, special forces member or top-secret spy. Driving skills and firearms training are among the most critical skills required for those in undercover international operations (and they’re pretty fun to learn). Being proficient in these areas requires a different skill set than many well-trained military and law enforcement members possess.  Thanks to almost 20 years of government training experience, and a partnership with Sig Sauer Academy our instructors have the knowledge required to teach these unique skills. Students are required to meet Sig Sauer Academy’s legal requirements, please review these requirements before registering.


Learn loose surface driving skills that only a select few possess and can be used in anything from everyday driving to dangerous operations.

  • 580+ acres facility with more than 6 miles of loose surface roads and 2 miles of off-road trails
  • Manual and Automatic Transmission FWD, RWD vehicles
  • PIT Manuevers (precision immobilization technique)
  • High speed 180-degree J-turns
  • High-speed reverse driving
  • Snow and Ice training during winter months


Sig Sauer AcademyThanks to a partnership with firearms training industry-leader Sig Sauer Academy we are able to offer world-class firearms instruction on our own private shooting range at the Team O’Neil facility. No firearms experience is required! Pistol-based training begins with basic safety and handling and progresses into active shooting from in and around vehicles.

  • All safety gear, weapons and ammunition (250 rounds) are included
  • Safety concerns and practices while training and while carrying a firearm
  • Fundamentals of basic shooting techniques
  • Tactical shooting
  • Applying mobility skills in real world scenarios, shooting in and around vehicles
  • Participants must meet Sig Sauer Academy’s legal requirements: https://www.sigsaueracademy.com/legal-requirements.

Check out a video from our friends at TheDrive.com. They came out and we gave them a taste of some of the features of our Cars and Guns course. (FYI Not all activities in the video are part of the actual course)

Course cost is $1,800 per student for the two day course.

603-444-4488 or email [email protected]

-Tim O’Neil & Staff

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